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Джеффри и Кариссима

Семейство Кошачьих

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О деловых переговорах

Вот так они ведутся у нас:

Ekaterina Pavlushchenko говорит: One moment, I have a question about a marking programm...
Vladimir Kucerka говорит: oki :) I will wait my noble princes :)
Vladimir Kucerka говорит: hmm there is bug in software=my czech translation dosnt work with the Operation manager either
Vladimir Kucerka говорит: I will contact the supplier=if they can fix this bug in later version of this software
Ekaterina Pavlushchenko говорит: OK, thank you, my brave knight! :*
Vladimir Kucerka говорит: at your service my lady :) allways at your service (bow)
Ekaterina Pavlushchenko говорит: :)
Vladimir Kucerka говорит: you to my lady=and dont hesitate to ask me in case that there will be need for any other information or quest for me...like to kill terrible dragon in deep caves of mountain called Marking!