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Джеффри и Кариссима

Семейство Кошачьих

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Нигерийские письма теперь такие сирийские!

Никто не занимается коллекционированием нигерийских писем? А то мне тут такой дивный экземпляр пришел :) Предлагают помочь народу Сирии, ни больше ни меньше!

Good Day,
My Name is Rtd. Major Idris al-Kurdi , From the The Free Syrian Army the opposition group operating in Syria. My country is at war and we are all moving our money out of Syria. I want you to help me receive the money in your country for investment and amount in question is US$38,000,000.00 ( Thirty Eight Million US dollars) I will give you 30% of the total for your assistance. We plan to move the funds to Lebanon and Turkey through the UN or diplomatic means.
<lj-cut text="Читать дальше?">The reason I am contacting you is as follows.
1) Because of my position as the opposition supporter I cannot come out openly as the owner of the funds, as we are not allowed to operate a foreign account
Due to all the sanctions etc. Mr. Kofi Annan's six-point plan is not working.
2) I want you to help me receive and invest this money in your country.I have agreed to give you 30% for helping me to keep and investing the money.

3) I want you to them send back 40% in food and medical aid through any local Charity organization in your country through your name or company name.
Regarding your percentage we can write an agreement on that regard. Can i trust you? Will you help the Syrian People?  Urgent reply is needed so that arrangements can be made immediately to move the funds to you as the beneficiary.
I am soliciting your humble attentions to this matter as i will like to discuss the terms and conditions of this investment policies before we can commence;
so contact me with your full name, occupation,country etc so that we can begin the whole process.
You can even issue an Invoice for the amount and we will send the total amount to you.
I will wait to hear from you. My private email address is: ...
Yours faithfully.

Rtd. Major Idris al-Kurdi
Email Address: ...
For Syria</lj-cut>

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Здравствуйте, это вирус "Алькаида".
Нам некогда заниматься программированием, так как мы воюем с Америкой, поэтому разошлите это письмо своим друзьям и сотрите все файлы на Вашем жестком диске, пожалуйста.

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